We are pleased to announce the upcoming

International Workshop on MAX Phases for Harsh Environments

To be held on

November 5-7, in Poitiers, France

This workshop will give the opportunity to the attendees to gain insight into the state-of-the-art perception of the possible use of the MAX phases in extreme environments. Several invited talks will be given by renowned speakers on the following topics:

  • Oxidation behaviour and self-healing
  • Corrosion behaviour in various media (water/steam, liquid metals, acids, molten salts)
  • Radiation tolerance (ions, protons, neutrons)
  • Application-driven material design
  • Mechanical properties in extreme conditions
  • Processing of bulk materials & thin film deposition
  • Modelling

Contributed talks and poster session will also give opportunities to the attendees, especially young researchers, to present their latest results in the field.

Two round-table discussions with industrial partners will be organized: one dedicated to nuclear applications & one dedicated to aeronautics/aerospace applications.

Detailed program of the workshop: program IWMPHE

PhD students who participate to the Workshop have the opportunity to follow two hands-on training sessions (Wednesday afternoon, November 7 & Thursday, November 8). The following topics will be covered:

  • Processing of bulk MAX phase-based materials
  • Microstructural characterization by electron microscopy (SEM/EDS, EBSD, FIB/TEM, etc.)